LDRPS (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System)



Campus-wide Continuity Plans are documented in Sungard's LDRPS (Living Disaster Recovery Planning System). The Department selected LDRPS as a planning tool because it offered a central repository to build, maintain and approve continuity plans through a web-based platform, allowing easy access from any location. The State of North Carolina Office of Information Technology adopted LDRPS as a continuity planning tool in the late 1990s, and NC State  has continued to utilize this tool.


Request Access

To gain access to the system, you must submit a request to ehs_bus_cont@help.ncsu.edu. Your request will be forwarded to the Department of Business Continuity for processing. Authentication is managed through the Unity System.                                                        

                                                        *** IMPORTANT NOTICE ***

When logging into LDRPS  use Internet Explorer ONLY.  Please access LDRPS by logging into Citrix.


Logging Into LDRPS - Use Citrix to Access LDRPS

We are excited to announce that MAC/Apple OS users now have another option for developing continuity and IT disaster plans in LDRPS, through Citrix. This new development also applies to Internet Explorer 10 or higher users.

To access LDRPS through Citirx, follow the below steps.

1) Access the Citrix website: https://citrix.ncsu.edu/

2) If needed, install the Citrix client for your system at the bottom of the window under client links.

Here is a step by step instruction on installing the Citrix Client and accessing your applications,
1. Click https://citrix.ncsu.edu/Citrix/XenApp/Clients/Windows/CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe
2. Click Run
3. You must have administrator privileges to do this installation. If the previous step fails, left    
   click on the installation executable, CitrixOnlinePluginFull.exe, and select Run as   
   administrator. If you try to install the client and it gives you a message that you need to be   
   an Administrator to install. Save the install file locally and right click on it to Run as  
4. Click OK.
5. Upon successful installation of the Citrix Client, please log in.

3) Configure the Citrix client to use https://citrix.ncsu.edu/

4) Log into Citrix on main page with regular unity id and unity password.

5) Click Allow Access if prompted in order to upload files on your computer to LDRPS. 


Continuity Plan Approval

Click Plan Approver Instructions for steps to approve the continuity plan.



The Department of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery will administer LDRPS Training through E-Learning. All users of LDRPS must be trained prior to receiving WRITE access to the system. User requests for READ ONLY access must first acquire approval by their Department Head and the Director of Business Continuity, with the exception of Senior Management, whom can receive READ ONLY by their written request.Confirmation of user training will be sent electronically and updated in LDRPS by the Administrator(s) of LDRPS. Sign up for LDRPS Training today through E-Learning.